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September 15, 2010
Identity Theft and Kids

Identity thieves love to get their hands on a child's social security number. Kids have good credit and it takes longer to discover than an adult's. So make sure you check your childrens' credit score every year. Some other things that are warning signs are:

  • Calls from collection agencies
  • Warrants for traffic violations or Court notices
  • A call for job verification
  • Sudden cash flow for person with access to childs information
  • Packages delivered for items never ordered
Maine Helps Identity Thieves

The State of Maine wants to track the progress of students in public schools. Sounds like a good idea. The problem is they have decided to use the child's social security number for tracking. They must be stuck in 1980.

If you live in Maine, or any state, do not give out a social security number unless it is absolutely needed.
I Hate my Boss!

If you work for Rosella Collins you know how bad a boss can be. The Port Charlotte florist is in jail for stealing her employees information and using it for identity theft. [article]
Watch Out for Debt Collectors

The Indiana Attorney General is warning residents about phony debt collectors targeting the state. They call up with some information demanding a payment on a past due bill. They then get people to confirm private information. They can now use the information for identity theft.

It is believed they have some information from prior data theft. This is why even small pieces of data can be used against you. It is always easier to hack a person than a computer.
Hard Drive Shredding
Hard Drive Shredding
Don't just give all your data to a computer recycler. Shred all your hard drives.
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