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Peer to Peer Identity Theft

Gregory Kopiloff, A Seattle man has been arrested for identity theft. What makes this case newsworthy is he used peer to peer networks to uncover the information. The networks used were the popular music sharing services LimeWire and Soulseek.

The scam reportedly began in March 2005. Kopiloff scanned the networks for computers that were sharing Federal income tax returns, student financial aid applications, and credit reports. He would then run credit checks on information he uncovered and target those with at least $150,000 annual income.

Pfizer Announces Data Breach, Again.

While we don't report on the average data breach. Partly because there are so many and partly because they rarely result in identity thefts. But Pfizer has distinguished themselves. They recently announce their third data breach of the year. This one exposed 34,000 employees.

Hey Pfizer, you make enough from overcharging for drugs. How about using just a little of that to protect your data.

FTC Asks for Input

In the very bureaucratic way that the FTC works, the presidential task force spent months researching identity theft and then came to the conclusion that they needed more information on how social security numbers are being used in the private sector. They are now asking for public comments on the issue.

Does this mean we are only years away from some solutions? By then states may have done all the work for them.

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