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ID Theft Ring Targets Fast Food Restaurants in Atlanta

Atlanta police have placed three people in jail for an alleged identity-theft ring targeting fast food restaurants. The theives were swiping customers' credit and debit cards through a device called a "skimmer," which police say captures people's card numbers and information on the spot.

Police believe that the operation was headed by a ringleader who promised the fast food workers $1,000 for every 50 credit card numbers stolen.

State Farm defends itself against claims that it mishandled Katrina claims

ABC News issued a blistering story about State Farm Insurance Agency and how it was cheating victims of Hurricane Katrina. The news agency quoted two sisters, who claimed that State Farm even brought a shredding truck to destroy key documents.

"This evening's report inaccurately portrays State Farm's claims handling policies and our commitment to our policyholders," Hood said. "Our claims associates are committed to operating at the highest level of business and ethical standards. State Farm is committed to paying what we owe, promptly, courteously, and efficiently."

HIPAA, Ten years later. What do experts say?

It's been ten years since US lawmakers initiated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Experts say it has changed the U.S. healthcare landscape, in some ways for the better and in some ways for the worse.

HIPAA is most often recognized today for its three main provisions -- promoting electronic transmission standards for claims data, and regulating both the privacy of electronic medical records and the security of medical data storage and transmission.

Doctors and hopsital administrators discuss how the law has changed the way the protect private information.

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