Id Theft Alerts

August 19, 2011
Identity Theft Definition Expanded
A California Judge has ruled that using someone's facebook identity without their permission is identity theft.

The case started when a high school student received an unsolicited text message with the victim's e-mail password. The defendent then used the password to gain access to the victims facebook account. He impersonated the victim and posted offensive messages.. The victim says she suffered stigma at school as a result of the posts.

The judge ruled that even though the email password was sent to the defendant he then used it to willfully obtain the victim's Facebook account password. This was done through a password reset.

Eric Goldman has an interesting post about the legal ramifications of the ruling.

Server Steals Credit Card Numbers

It is always dangerous to let your credit card out of your sight. While working as a server at the T.G.I. Friday's in Laurel, Maryland, Brian Keith Adams used a skimmer to steal the credit card information of his guests. His big mistake was stealing the information for some secret service agents. It is believed that 73 people were victims.

It is time for more restaurants to provide mobile credit card readers. The card should be swiped at the table to prevent this type of problem.
Identity Theft Scare for Politics.  

A group is trying to suppress signatures to initiative petitions by claiming they are a threat to your identity. While you should throw around your personal information, what is collected on a petition doesn't put you in any danger since it is all publicly available. They are now formally registering their group so at least we can learn who is behind them.
Texting For Protect

USAA has a new feature to stop credit card fraud. They will send you a text message if they see an attempt at a suspicious charge on your credit card. You can either confirm it or stop the charge before it goes through. And the faster you know of a problem the less the damages.

While this feature seems like something obvious, USAA says they are the first to offer it.. They say an added benefit is that if they suspect something you will get a discreet text instead of the waiter announcing to the group that your card doesn't work. This gets the great idea of the month award.

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