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New School Identity Theft Meets Old School Currency

Artem Danilov, Stephan Melkonyan and Karapet Kankanian are in jail on suspicion of identity theft. While that is not an interesting story in itself, how they were laundering the money is a tale worth telling.

According to police reports, the three drove from Los Angeles to Seattle armed with 27 stolen credit card numbers. The three then purchased 3,200 books of stamps worth nearly $24,000. The stamps were purchased at night from vending machines at post offices.

This is just part of a ring suspected of spanning Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado. The post office estimates $62,000 in stamps were purchased in Seattle alone.

The stamps were then laundered on ebay.

Background Checks at the Dental Office

Dental patients got more than just good looking teeth on their recent trips to the dentist. Carolina Cruz, an dental office worker has been charged with stealing patient's confidential information. Cruz used the information to open new credit card accounts.

Just more proof that anyone who handles personal information should go through a background check. Personal information should also be kept locked up and the shredding witnessed by a manager or done by a shredding service.

Back to Basics

We sometimes forget to bring up the basics here at ID Theft Alerts. So follow the link below for a good refresher on preventing identity theft. It has some excerpts from the WSJ book that was supporting us for the last few weeks.

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