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Don't Ever Challenge the World

If you have heard the advertisements for LifeLock you know that the owner, Todd Davis, reads out his social security number and then challenges anyone to try and use it. He claims LifeLock is so good he is at not risk.

Think again Todd. A Fort Worth police report showed someone used Davis' name and Social Security number to obtain a $500 on the Internet.

You can't elimintate the risk of identity theft, only manage it.

On the Lighter Side

Apparently identity theft is not limited to people. Afonwen Welch Fusilier, a prize-winning Welsh poodle has also become the victim of identity theft.

Afonwen Welch Fusilier's owner, Lynne Day was shocked when she discovered a fraudster used information on her website to sell puppies he claimed were the dog's offspring. Puppies of such pedigree sell for about $2,000.

HR Departments are Identity Theft Targets

When notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was finally arrested he was asked, "Willie, why did you do it? Why'd you rob all those banks?" Willie answered in amazement, "I rob banks because that's where the money is."

The same is happening to identity theft. The tried and true methods of purse snatching and dumpster diving are now considered small time. Big time players are going to where the data is, the workplace.

Estimates of information stolen in the workplace used for identity theft from one-third to one-half, including those by Javelin Strategy & Research and Michigan State University.

Make sure you ask your employer what steps they are taking to protect your information.

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The Wall Street Journal has released a great book on identity theft. It is a good read for anyone concerned about protecting their identity.

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