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Car Dealership Raided

A Nissan dealership in Orange County was raided last week as part of an identity theft investigation. Prosecuters believe there may have been thousands of fraudulent car loans processed at the dealership. The information on the loans came from stolen pay stubs, driver licenses and Social Security numbers.

More than 350 cardboard boxes packed with lease documents and loan applications were hauled away during the raid. It is still unclear whether employees of the dealership were part of the scam.

Ohio Data Breach Grows

The number of people exposed in the State of Ohio data tape loss has tripled in scope to encompass 800,000 state taxpayers. The data tape was stolen from an intern's car on Jun 6th.

"We continue to believe -- that it is highly unlikely that the data on the stolen device has been accessed," Gov. Strickland announced at a news conference. The estimated bill for the breach is now at $2 million.


Last week we failed to include New Mexico in the states that now had credit freeze laws in effect. Good job to the Land of Enchantment.

Thanks to the reader who pointed this out. If you ever spot an error or have suggestions on how we can improve please let us know.

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