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Credit Freeze Laws in July

As of July 1st, residents of Montana and Washington DC may place freezes on their credit reports. This is the best tool available for preventing identity theft. It is well worth any minor inconvenience caused when opening up a new credit account.

Why all the university breaches?

While looking through the news over the last week there were three new data breaches reported at universities around the county. The question is why are universities so often having the breach?

The NonProfit Times investigated this question and came to several conclusions. Universities have de-centralized IT departments compared to companies. They are in the business of making as much information available as possible which causes them to err on the side of over-disclosure. Lastly, they have been late to the security game and are trying to catch up.

California bill to charge retailers for losses

A new identity theft law is making its way through the California Statehouse. AB 779 has several different provisions including:

  • Requiring retailers to reimburse credit unions and banks for the costs of alerting customers and reissuing cards after a data breach caused by their negligence
  • Prohibiting retailers from storing specific types of authentication data taken from the magnetic stripe on the back of credit and debit cards.
  • Requiring retailers to use strong encryption routines and access controls when storing and transmitting credit card data.
  • Disclosing more details about data breaches.

While the first three parts look like good ideas. More data is coming out suggesting that data breach notification without common sense is more harmful than no notification at all.

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The Wall Street Journal has released a great book on identity theft. It is a good read for anyone concerned about protecting their identity.

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