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May 20, 2010
Enjoy Vacation -- Avoid Identity Theft

vacation on the beach
Vacation is a time to relax. Take a few easy steps and you can enjoy the beach instead of making calls to clean up identity theft.
  • Clean out your wallet -- only take what you absolutely need. Two credit cards should be plenty and avoid debit cards. And don't put your social security card back in, ever.
  • Have the post office hold your mail and the paper stopped.
  • Don't post that you will be gone for an extended time on your facebook status.
  • Be careful what information you access on public computers at a hotel or internet cafe.
  • Make sure any ATMs you use are not tampered with before you swipe your card.
  • Get the 800 numbers for every credit card you do take so you can call them up if your wallet is stolen.
FTC Pushes Red Flag Rules Deadline. Again.

For the fifth time. the FTC has pushed back the deadline for FACTA Red Flag Rule compliance. The new deadline is January 1st, 2011. The moves comes after several members of Congress contacted the FTC to complain about the rules. It was most likely the AMA that pressured the congressional members.

The Red Flag Rules require businesses extend credit to set up systems to detect patterns that might indicated identity theft.
Patient Data Breaches Triple

The number of data breaches of medical records tripled from from 32 in February to 93 by June 11. The increase is more likely from required reporting than an increased number of breaches. Beginning last September medical practices must notify the HHS of data breaches. The change was made to HIPAA under the 2009 federal economic stimulus law. [report]

The medical practices are so busy fighting the Red Flags Rule that they don't have time to protect their patients medical records.

On the Lighter Side

Richard Saslaw, the majority leader of the Virginia state Senate found himself in the middle of an identity theft storm. His credit card was used to buy pot in California. Apparently Sen. Saslaw is experienced at this because several years ago his identity was stolen to buy pornography. [story] At least he has experience in cleaning up the charges.
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