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After reading countless articles on security breaches they all have the same theme; the exposed names and numbers are near certain to have their identities stolen. According to a report by ID Analytics, that is just not the case.

ID Analytics reviewed 500,000 identities exposed in data breaches. They found the incidence of identity theft of 0.098%, statistically identical to the overall rate of identity theft.

60% of the exposure resulted from lost, not stolen data and was less likely to be the target of identity thieves.

If you do receive a notice that your identity has been exposed you should be diligent not panicked.

Technology and Easy Credit Give Identity Thieves an Edge

In a Scottsdale police station last December, a 23-year-old methamphetamine user showed officers a new way to steal identities. the suspect showed officers something they had not seen before. Browsing a government Web site, he pulled up a local divorce document listing the parties' names, addresses and bank account numbers, along with scans of their signatures. With a common software program and some check stationery, the document provided all he needed to print checks in his victims' names — and it was all made available, with some fanfare, by the county recorder's office. The site had thousands of them.

The data were not as rich as some found in stolen mail or trash bins. But for law enforcement officials here, this was another turn in a cat-and-mouse game in which criminals have outpaced most efforts to stop them.

FTC action against Nations Title Agency

The FTC has accepted a consent agreement with Nations Title Agency. The agreement is in response to complaints of poor security measures when dealing with customer information. In February, 2005 a local television station pulled customer information out of a dumpster behind the Nations Title Offices.

Nations Title Agency will now be subject to bi-annual security audits for the next 20 years.

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