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Identity Theft Victim Sued by Bank of America

Gloria Carlo, a 51 year old single mom from the South Bronx has been victimized twice by identity theft. The first when $68,733.77 was stolen from her savings account at Bank of America (BOA) . The second came in a lawsuit filed by BOA for $23,312.04 in overdraft charges.

It is amazing that BOA did not recognize any irregularities when 37 individual transactions to Jewelry Television were placed in one day. It might be time to check the fraud algorithm.

Indianapolis Public Schools exposes thousands identity theft

The Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) website have exposed over seven thousand students and staff to the potential risk of identity theft, because of a poor network setup according to IT experts. The website allows teachers to post reviews, student-writing samples, grades, and other confidential material to the IPS network.

Although there was a risk no know theft of the information took place.

How much did the TJX breach cost?

According to TJX, 25 million dollars. This is an increase of previous estimates. Costs so far to deal with a computer data breach are around $20 million, in addition to $5 million it had previously spent. The company also added that it still cannot predict its final liability for the breach.

Technology analysts have estimated the total cost to TJX may exceed $1 billion, including reduced revenue from lost business, though this could be offset by insurance or other arrangements.

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