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May 18, 2011
White House Asks For National Data Breach Reporting
White House
For years, consumer advocates have asked for data breach notification laws. They have not been very successful at the Federal level but 47 states have passed measures requiring businesses to notify consumers if their personal information has been exposed in a data breach. The problem is that every state laws is different. This is a regulatory nightmare for businesses operating in different states. To make it more confusing, the HITECH updates to HIPAA require medical practices to notify patients of data breaches nationally.

The White House would like congress to act and create a national standard. If well written this would help out businesses and protect consumers. Lets hope it gets some traction this year..
Identity Theft Leads to Murder

It is not uncommon to read a story about an identity theft ring stealing millions of dollars. For this kind of money it is not surprising that people would kill as part of the crime. The latest victim is Bruce Parton, a 60 year old mail carrier in Orlando. The police believe he was killed by two men trying to get his mail master key. The goal was to steal mail from locked mail boxes. The information could then be used to create bogus accounts and file fake IRS returns. [story]
Two More Settle with FTC   

The FTC has settled with two more companies over FACTA violations. The suit claimed Ceridian Corporation and Lookout Services, Inc failed to employ reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect consumer data. Both companies must now implement a "comprehensive information security program" and to obtain independent, third party security audits every other year for 20 years.

While an independent audit every few years is a good thing, I am sure both companies wouldn't want the FTC managing it.
Beauty Queen, Identity Thief

Shaletta Porterfield, Miss Wisconsin USA, has dropped out of the Miss USA pageant. She resigned her title after being charged with three counts of stealing someone's identity for financial gain. She was working at a marketing agency but not hitting her sales goals so she forged the signatures of business owners on advertising contracts. [story]

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