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Medical Identity Theft Part 2

Victims of medical identity theft face many of the consequences of financial identity theft but also some potentially deadly ones. Consider the Colorado man who received a collection call for $44,000 from a surgery he never had. After two years and endless calls and forms he was able to clear his name.

In a Southern California case identities were stolen and then false claims were issued by doctors involved in the scam. The group received over $900,000 from insurance companies.

Medical identity theft also creates false entries in the health records of the victim. This might lead to denial of insurance for diseases and treatments they never received. More deadly consequences might be the result when the blood type of the victim is changed by the imposter.

Next week, the challenges of electronic records.

President Bush Signs Executive Order Creating an Identity Theft Task Force

On Wednesday, President Bush signed an executive order creating a national identity theft task force. This task force will marshal the resources of the Federal government to crack down on the criminals who traffic in stolen identities and protect American families from this crime. The task force is chaired by the Attorney General and the FTC Chair.

Toledo girl, 4, becomes victim of identity theft

Four-year-old Wynter Matthews probably doesn't know what identity theft is, but she's already been a victim: The Toledo girl received a bill for $666 in hospital services she never received, her family and police said. "It was scary. My heart skipped a beat," the girl's grandmother, Audrey Ransey, said yesterday - a day after the girl's mother opened the bill, which was mailed to Ms. Ransey's West Toledo home.

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