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May 14, 2008
Happy Spring to you.  Get out and enjoy those May flowers.
Is a Plane Boarding Pass a Threat?
We have looked at the stub from the boarding pass and wondered what to do with it.  You most likely have found two or three in the seat pocket from the seats prior holders.  But is the information dangerous?

Alone no, but it gives enough insight into you to get everything an identity thief needs.  They get your name, a good idea of your home town and some recent travel information.  The thief uses these bits of information to get more form unsuspecting customer service reps.

Always shred everything with your name or any other personally identifying information.

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Identity Theft Clues?

Hopefully you are checking your accounts regularly for suspicious activity.  This is much easier if you have online account access.  A yearly check of your credit report is another good way to detecttheft. 

But don't forget about what mail is coming in.  It can be in the form of packages you didn't order or from letters from businesses you do not work with.  Always keep your eye out for things out of the ordinary.

Mysterious Package Story
Medical Records: Good or Bad
Here are two stories covering the good and bad of personal health records (phr).   While the idea of having all your medical records in one place sounds good on paper, I am unconvinced that it is worth the loss of privacy it comes with.  It isn't the fear of the system being hacked as much as the number of people who will have access to it.

For the system to be of any value every doctors office, laboratory clinic, and hospital in America will have access.  That means every health care worker has access and no system with that many people can be secured.
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