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Florida residents' data exposure a statewide issue

The Social Security numbers, driver's license information and bank account details belonging to potentially millions of current and former residents of Florida are available to anyone on the Internet because sensitive information has not been redacted from public records being posted on county Web sites.

Bruce Hogman, a county resident who raised concerns about the availability of information with the Broward County Records Division about two weeks ago, said it poses a serious risk of identity theft and fraud.

Woodland police close mobile identity-theft lab

Woodland police seized a massive mobile identity theft lab Friday that police say may have affected hundreds of victims.

Police arrested Jami D. Nitsos, 37, and Scott E. Leavens, 36, both transients after finding the pair holed up Friday morning in the Lewis River Inn with computers, scanners, laminators, dozens of IDs, forged papers and even a master key to the post office in Vancouver, police said.

"There's probably hundreds of different victims in this one," Officer Robb Lipp said Friday. "It's going to wrap up quite a bit."

IRS seeks PayPal's aid finding hidden cash

he Internal Revenue Service won approval from a federal court to ask PayPal to turn over information about people who might be evading taxes by hiding income in other countries, officials said Tuesday.

A federal court in San Jose, Calif., gave the IRS permission to ask PayPal -- a company that enables online money transfers -- for account information for American taxpayers who have bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards issued by financial institutions in more than 30 countries reputed to be tax havens.

PayPal spokeswoman Amanda Pires said the company just received the summons.

"We're still evaluating our options," she said. "The privacy of our customers' information is something we take really seriously."

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