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March 19, 2009
1 in 100 PCs are Infected

Last year 67 million people tried the free virus scan available at the Panda website.  Of the tests, over one percent had trojan viruses.  Victims of the trojans are usually tricked into installing the software thinking they need it to see a video.

These trojan viruses can be controlled from a central location to send out SPAM, steal passwords, install  more software or get private information for identity theft.

Story from IT World.
Does Breach Notification Work?

In 2005, California passed the first data breach notification law.  Since then 44 states have passed similar laws.  Now security experts are wondering if they have reduced identity theft as promised.

The answer isn't quite clear.  It does appear to have an impact on the importance companies place on data security.  However, the flood of notifications have had a "cry wolf" effect on the public.  To help answer the question a Security Breach Notification Seminar was held last week.
Social Engineering

It has been said that it is always easier to hack a person than a computer.  We all have our guard up when someone tells us we are already a winner but here are a few other tricks that thieves use to steal private information.

  • Your grand kids are in trouble and need you to wire them some money.
  • Holding a box and fumbling with some keys so you will let them in a locked door.
  • Someone has a secret crush on you.  Download this tool to find out who.
  • A picture/video of you is on the internet, click here to see it.
  • Pretending to be from tech support to check your computer.
  • Pretending they have an appointment with a co-worker to get into the building.
Here are some others.  What are you favorites?

HIPAA Changes in the Stimulus Package

The stimulus package isn't just billions in spending.  The law has some dramatic changes to the HIPAA Security Rules.  Learn how your practice is going to be affected with our latest article.
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