Id Theft Alerts

March 17, 2011
Identity Theft Still Top Complaint
The FTC has released the 2010 list of the most common complaints. Identity theft tops the list with 250,854 reports or 19% of the total. Full list.
Identity Theft Ring Busted

"Operation Starburst" has landed 12 people in federal custody for running an identity theft ring spanning three states. It is believed the ring started in 2006 with a network of bank insiders. They stole personal information to open bank accounts, acquire credit cards and obtain loans. Prosecutors estimate that $10 million was stolen over the four years that the group was in operation. They had insiders working at U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Associated Bank.[news report
HIPAA Violations are Costly 

HHS has announced settlements with two companies for violating HIPAA rules. Massachusetts General Hospital agreed to pay $1 million to settle allegations that an employee lost the information of about 192 patients on a subway. That is peanuts compared to the $4.3 million paid by Cignet Health to settle allegations that it violated HIPAA rules. They were charged with failing to provide 41 patients access to their medical records when requested.
Identity Thieves Target Funerals
funeral procession
Prosecutors in Fort Lauderdale have arrested Oscar Diaz for running an identity theft ring. The interesting part is where they got their information. The group would follow funeral processions and then break into the cars of the mourners at the cemetery. [news report]

Since the bad guys are always working never let down your guard. And don't leave personal information sitting in your car.
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