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Firm to settle e-mail case for $1.1 million

Datran Media, an e-mail marketing company, has agreed to pay $1.1 million to settle accusations that it misused personal data reportedly mined from 6 million e-mail addresses across the country.

Datran sends marketing e-mail messages to addresses provided by partner companies, a practice that some people consider spam. Its clients include Business Week, Columbia House, Fox Home Entertainment, NASCAR, Orbitz and Pitney Bowes, according to its Web site

IRS Notices More Identity Theft Attempts

The Internal Revenue Service, noting an escalation in identity theft scams, is raising alarms about e-mails designed to dupe taxpayers into revealing personal financial information.

"There does seem to be a proliferation of them this filing season," Richard Morgante, commissioner of the IRS wage and investment division, said Monday. "We have more thieves trying to take advantage of the filing season than we've seen in the past."

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which investigates groups or individuals impersonating the IRS, found 12 separate Web sites hosting such "phishing" schemes operating in 11 different countries, from the United States to Aruba to Korea.

Identity-theft scam catches 100 people in net

More than 100 people were caught in a "wide-ranging identity-theft scam" that has seen at least $500,000 in charges made on phoney credit cards in the last four years, say police.

using an online employment advertisement to lure people into submitting resumes, which the scammers allegedly responded to using official-looking letterhead. The letters stated the victims had been selected as candidates for a $70,000-a-year job as a "programmer analyst," and requested they submit an application form with a $20 processing fee.

The application forms asked for the full name, social insurance number, driver's licence number and addresses of the targets. The people behind the fraud then allegedly used that personal information to obtain more that 60 credit cards, driver's licences and social insurance cards in other people's names.

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