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Identity theft keeps climbing

The Gartner Group has issued a report saying that identity theft is continuing to grow. Not only do they report that the number of victims is rising but the total theft is increasing while the money recovered is decreasing.

This report is the opposite of an earlier Javelin Research report. The Javelin report had identity theft decreasing in 2006 in number and size.

One possible discrepency is that Gartner used FTC numbers for 2005 and then used a different methodology to collect 2006 numbers.

Patients' Data Found On Web

Police are investigating how patient information, including social security numbers and health insurance identification numbers has turned up on an unrelated web site. 2,246 Westerly Hospital patients were found on a web site not connected with the hospital.

The information on the site was described as a “snapshot” of activity on individual hospital files on a single day. The hospital has begun compiling the names of all the patients on the site and will send them letters this week.

How is your mortgage broker treating your information?

On three separate nights, ABC 15 went to The Lending Company, a mortgage company based in Scottsdale, to see what former employees say is a questionable practice. They found garbage cans located on the side of the building, full of discarded files. There was a lock on the top of the garbage can, but there was also a large enough slot for a person to stick their hand in the hole and grab files.

If you are giving your personal information to a company that doesn't have locked shredding bins in their location beware. When people get behind it is the administrative work like shredding that don't get done. A company that uses a certified shredding service knows this and prevents a problem from happening.

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