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Data Thieves Hit Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop Supermarkets have reported that several of its stores have been hit by thieves who tampered with checkout-lane card readers in an effort to steal shoppers' pin numbers.

Stop & Shop became aware of the problem when banks noticed fraud on cards used at their stores. The bank then notified the store.

After an investigation, it was discovered that the keypads shoppers use to submit PIN-based transactions had been tampered with to allow information to be stolen.

TJX says theft of data started in 2005

From the insult to injury department; TJX discloed that the unauthorized intrusions into its computer systems may have begun in July 2005. That is almost a year earlier than May 2006 date first expected.

The data stolen goes back to transactions that took place in 2004. The problem also includes stores in Ireland and Great Britian.

Protect your kids from Identity theft

Here is an article with tips on protecting your children from identity theft. The best tip is to get your kids credit reports when you pull your's every year.

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