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February 16, 2011
2011 Identity Fraud Survey

Javelin Strategy & Research has released their annual report on identity theft.  This along with the annual FTC report are the most respected on the topic. The report was compiled from 5,004 U.S. adults, including 470 fraud victims.

The biggest trend in the 2010 report is fewer identity theft victims. The number of incidents was down 28 percent to 8.1 million. The bad news is the size of each theft continues to rise. The average loss is up from $387 in 2009 to $631 in 2010. While consumers are not liable for most of the losses it still requires a lot of work to clean up. [buy the report]
Couple Uses SEC Database For Theft

Kenyetta Williams and her husband Delmar Williams have been charged with identity theft in Ohio. The couple's source of information was an SEC database called EDGAR. EDGAR is a public archive of all filings with the SEC. The couple combed the archive looking for any personal information about the principles and investors of public companies. The information was then used to file fraudulent tax returns. The couple and a third defendant, Daniel Bossard, then got loans against the tax returns for over $500,000. [news report]
FTC Launches Site for Medical Identity Theft

The FTC has launched a new website to help medical practices identify possible identity theft, help prevent it and help consumers if they are victims. The website is in response to the rise of medical identity theft. I can only assume the FTC thought this information would have been useful for Red Flag compliance.
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