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Februry 14, 2008
Happy Valentines Day!
What is a Senior to Do?
The biggest threat to having your identity stolen is the information you carry in your wallet or purse.  Pick pockets and purse thieves can use your information or sell it to crime rings.

Under public pressure, most businesses and organizations have moved away from using a social security number as your ID.  Unfortunetly, medicare has not followed suit.  Now millions of seniors are forced to walk around with thier social security number.

Choosing between getting the healthcare you need and  protecting your identity is not a choice that anyone should have to make.

Identity Theft Down

Javelin Strategy and  Research has issued thier survey of identity theft for 2008.  If you are not familliar with Javelin, they issue one of the two authoritative surveys of identity theft, the other is the FTC.

Once again they report that identity theft is down by another 300,000 victims in 2007.  The estimate it at 8.1 million victims a year.  However, the average stolen has increased to
$691.  This represents an increase of 25 percent over the $554 in 2007.

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Credit Freeze in Georgia
With the passage of House Bill 130, residents of Georgia  are one step closer to a credit feeze law.  The bill was approved 167-2. The freeze will cost $3 to be placed or removed on an individual credit account.

As we all debate the presidential candidates, rememeber that credit freeze laws have been effectively blocked in Washington but the strong support among the public has pushed them through most states.  Don't forget to research your local and state officials because they are still getting things done. [insert your own joke about pork barreling and special interest groups here]

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