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Big League Identity Theft

David Dright of West Chicago is in jail accused of 19 counts of identity theft. That might seem like a run of the mill news story but consider the identities he had, White Sox slugger Jim Thome, former Cubs outfielder Moises Alou and star Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez.

David allegedly plucked discarded--and unshredded--loan applications, tax returns and other private documents from a trash bin near the offices of SFX Baseball. SFX is an agent for professional baseball players including the ones listed.

If you are going to dumpster dive why not do so at an office that handles information for millionaires? Apparently the 10% that SFX earns from every contract signed was not enough to hire a shredding service to protect its clients.

Identity Theft Task Force Seeks Input

The President's Identity Theft Task Force chaired by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales is seeking public comment on various recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the federal government's efforts to reduce identity theft.

New Identity Theft Law

In our roundup of new Identity Theft laws last week we missed one from Maryland. As of January 1st, employers in Maryland may not print social security numbers on paychecks. A great move in our opinion and one that should be copied everywhere.

But employees should not forget to shred their pay stubs as soon as the money is deposited. The exception is if you are applying for a mortgage. Saving them provides no value and can lead to identity theft in the wrong hands.

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