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New Credit Freeze Laws

As of January 1st, three new states have credit freeze laws. Credit freezes are the best protection against identity theft. They require verification before new credit can be issued against a social security number. These laws are opposed by the credit industry who want to sell us all more debt.

The new states with credit freeze laws are Arkansas, Hawaii and Illinois.

Sam's Club Scam

Sandy Kay Coehlo of Norman, OK is accused of taking credit card applications while working at a Sam's Club then using the personal information on the cards to get duplicate credit cards.

Although this is credit card theft and not identity theft it reminds us of the importance of background checks and close supervision for anyone handling credit card information.

Privacy Rights vs. Free Press

Here is an interesting article from a reporter complaining about the Mayor of Seattle refusing to give out personal information.

We understand the needs of the press for information but support the Mayor in his decision. It is just lazy reporting to say the you have to be given every piece of information you want at the expense of privacy rights.

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