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May 20, 2010
Facebook Privacy Changes

Facebook recently updated their privacy settings and has caused a great debate among privacy advocates. The new changes make their privacy policy longer than the US constitution including all amendments.

Facebooks problem is that the privacy settings are very complex and are always set to allow by default. Leo Laporte aka 'The Tech Guy' took the dramatic account of deleting his account on his radio show. While I don't think you have to go that far yet there are a few precautions you should take.

If you don't know what a setting is then sent it to private. Before you leave facebook log out of your account. And most importantly, if you wouldn't post it in your front yard then don't post on facebook.
FTC Investigates Copy Machines

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating privacy concerns with copy machines. The concern is the thousands of images that are stored in the machines hard drive.

The FTC is contacting copy machine makers and sellers to determine if they need to warn consumers. [article]
Privacy Bill Finally Released

Representative Rick Boucher of Virginia, and Representative Cliff Stearns, of Florida have released the long awaited privacy bill. Rep. Boucher is the chairman of the House subcommittee on communications, technology and the Internet and Rep. Stearns is the ranking minority member.

The bill extends what information is considered sensitive to include health data, financial data, IP address, name, or any unique identifier. Companies would be required to post clear and understandable privacy notices when they collect information. The bill also requires customers to be notified before a company pulls any information from data providers. [article]

One Day, One Stolen ID, Three Luxury Cars

Somsook Jasmin McCollum of stole the identity of Triangle, Virginia, stole the identity of an Oklahoma woman and had quite the shopping spree. In one day she had purchased an  Audi, Mercedes and Range Rover. She also opened several new credit cards and ran up $11,000 in charges. [story]

I can understand wanting a new name if I were here but you can just change it. You don't have to steal someones identity.
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