Electronic Media Destruction in Hyattsville, MD

Electronic Data Destruction is the only way to ensure your company won’t be at risk of identity theft. Shred Nations has solutions to effectively destroy electronic media by combining your materials with other materials, destroying them, melting them together then recycling. Electronic Media Destruction in Hyattsville, Maryland

This way it is impossible for identity thieves to gather any information.

Your company’s reputation can be put at risk if these procedures are not taken, identity thieves have, programs these days that make it very simple to gather information from devices that are simply thrown in the trash. Shred nations can ensure your company’s reputation, with our destruction solutions.

Electronic media devices include:

      • X-Rays
      • Thumb and Jump Drives
      • CDs and DVDs
      • Credit and Debit Cards
      • Hard Drives (including magnetic, rotational and solid state)

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What is the process of Electronic Data Destruction?

      • Connect with Lanham contractors by talking to a Shred Nations representative when you call (301) 363-1142.
      • Choose a contractor that best fits your electronic destruction needs; amount, types, location, and frequency.
      • Schedule a time for the contractor to pick up your electronic devices, or discuss the option of dropping off or shipping in your hardware.
      • Your materials will be destroyed and recycled.
      • You will receive a certification of destruction.

How secure is electronic data destruction?

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Alameda, CA

Companies that provide data destruction services must comply with the National Security Agency and Department of Defense rules and regulations for electronic media destruction, Shred Nations partners with contractors that comply. The certification of destruction will be physical proof to ensure that you have worked with a company that meets all Maryland state and city laws.

How much will electronic data destruction cost?

The cost will depend on all your requirements. The types of electronic media you have will play a part in the total cost, the number of devices needed to be shredded, whether you are dropping off your hardware or the contractor is picking them up will affect the cost as well. Discuss all your specifications with your contractor and they will offer you the best quality and inexpensive price possible.

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