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This section is dedicated to content that’s exclusive to our partners.  Here, we offer information and tips that you won’t find anywhere else on this site—and it’s free of charge.

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Exclusive Content

Get Exclusive Marketing Tips

This section helps take your marketing plan to the next level.  We offer you exclusive, detailed information on all aspects of online marketing.

Partner Services

Get to Know Your Shred Nations Account

A quick tutorial on how to get around your Shred Nations account. This explains all the features of the site and how they can help you.

Submit a Lead to Shred Nations

Every once in awhile you may come across a customer that you are unable to service. At Shred Nations we allow you to submit these leads and have your account credited. Find out how to submit these leads so you can watch your monthly invoice decrease.

Submit A Shred Nations Testimonial

Do you have a success story or experience with Shred Nations that you’d like to share with some of our potential partners? We’d love to hear from you!  Submit a testimonial for our partnership network here.

Partnership Network Referral

We reward our partners for any new team member they send our way.  Learn more about our referral incentives & submit a partnership referral here.

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