Hazardous Pharmaceutical Blue Bin WasteProperly disposing of medical waste and keeping different types of medical waste separated keeps your workspace and the environment clean and safe.

The EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act strictly regulates the disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals, and can impose fines and punishments for not following strict disposal procedures.

If your organization produces hazardous pharmaceutical waste it must be disposed into a properly sealed and labeled blue container.


Blue Bin Medical Waste Disposal ServiceBlue Container Medical Waste Defined

Hazardous pharmaceutical waste, or items on the RCRA’s P and U lists, must be placed in clearly labeled, secure blue bin waste containers.

If possible, return all blue waste items to their original packaging before placing them in the bin.

Items to place in blue waste containers include, but are not limited to:

    • Nicotine
    • Warfarin
    • IV solutions
    • Syringes with more than 10% contamination
    • Vials with more than 10% contamination
    • Inhalers
    • Pills and capsules
    • Unused hot/cold packs

Due to the types of materials that make their way into blue waste bins, these containers are typically fairly small, ranging from 2 – 20 gallon capacities depending on your needs.


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Safely and correctly disposing of medical waste ensures you are protecting the environment and keeping your office clean, safe, and compliant.

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