Several states have specific rules, mandates, and regulations when it comes to document shredding, personal private information, and retaining medical, employee, and customer records.

Get a breakdown of which states have these additional stipulations and how it might affect your business.

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Shredding Laws: How to Ensure You Stay Compliant

Complying with the law ensures you avoid steep fines, a poor reputation, and other legal troubles. Discover the best tips on complying with document shredding and information security laws at your organization. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more. Video Transcript What Legal Requirements Need...
What Are the Rules

Is My Company Government Compliant?

Ensuring government compliance for shredding starts with records management.  A management plan includes the retention, maintenance, and destruction of business records. Retention schedules are set either by law at the Federal or State level and include your organizational policies. Managing Record Retention Most financial records have to be maintained...

California Shredding Laws

As we all know by now, there are paper shredding laws put in place in order to protect our secure information.  There are federal laws put into place, but each state also has their own laws and regulations to make sure that people’s information is destroyed appropriately.  If you...