Paper and document shredding is our specialty. Our experts offer detailed information and advice on some of the ways to help your company secure their documents and ensure that you are protected against corporate espionage and identity theft.

It’s important to understand what service works best for your company, and how we can help you with your shredding projects. Learn more about our shredding services and their advantages, and useful information about the shredding industry, security, and more.

shredding for seniors

Shredding For Seniors

The need for shredding sensitive documents is important for everyone, regardless of age. As cases of identity theft continue to rise, it’s important to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. It’s for this simple reason that we’ve created this handy resource regarding shredding for seniors. Senior citizens...
Burning old paper

Burning Paper Documents Is a Bad Idea (Video)

At Shred Nations, a question we’re frequently asked about is the practice of burning paper documents at home. This act is not only extremely unsafe, and in most cases illegal, it also poses serious environmental risks. In an effort to reduce these dangerous practices, we’ve spoken to Chuck Altvater from...
Close Up Of Paper From The Shredder

Cost Benefits of Shredding In Bulk

Overtime, papers begin to pile up around the office or home. It’s important to shred papers because it eliminates the risk of data exposure as well as reducing the clutter around your space. With papers piling up, bulk shredding becomes the ideal option for disposing of your papers. Whether...
Secure Shredding Services in Hagerstown

How to Handle Shredding When You’re Stuck at Home

During the time being, the majority of people are stuck at home. However, businesses and individuals still require shredding for their documents. Proper destruction is critical to maintaining protection of your information. While the majority of workers are at home, this doesn’t mean the paperwork and confidential files go...
what happens after documents are shredded

What Do Scanning Services Do with Old Paper Copies?

If you’re interested in document scanning, you’re probably also interested in security and making sure your records are handled properly. However, records scanning requires someone else to handle your records. This is why you’ve probably wondered: what happens to my records after they’ve been scanned? The answer is simple...