Disposing of electronics and all electronic media properly to avoid exposing company information is a critical step that businesses sometimes miss. When you decommission computers or any other electronic device, you need to ensure that all sensitive information is removed completely- and 100% unrecoverable.

This section helps explain some of the steps our NAID certified contractors take to ensure your hard drives, cds, dvds, and other external media are completely wiped and the data is unrecoverable before it’s destroyed.

Cell Phone

How to Destroy a Cell Phone and Why

When a lot of people hear of identity theft, they immediately think it will not happen to them, or that they do not have anything for a hacker to steal even if it does. However, everyone should be concerned with the possibility of identity theft when it comes to...

Why Proper Product Destruction Is Important

We may not be able to see it, but the electronic devices and office products that surround us in our daily lives hold vast amounts of information. To a data thief, stumbling upon this is like finding a buried treasure chest full of your sensitive documents—documents which they can...