Disposing of electronics and all electronic media properly to avoid exposing company information is a critical step that businesses sometimes miss. When you decommission computers or any other electronic device, you need to ensure that all sensitive information is removed completely- and 100% unrecoverable.

This section helps explain some of the steps our NAID certified contractors take to ensure your hard drives, cds, dvds, and other external media are completely wiped and the data is unrecoverable before it’s destroyed.

expiration date Chromebooks AUE

Chromebook Expiration & Disposal

It’s no secret that affordable laptops have become extremely popular in the past few years. In fact, some of the most popular devices out there right now aren’t even PC or Mac. The latest laptops gaining popularity around the world are running a different operating system altogether, known as...
Secure Hard Drive Destruction with Expert Commentary

The Importance of Secure Hard Drive Destruction

In 2021, secure hard drive destruction and disposal may be more important than it’s ever been. The world we live in is becoming increasingly more technologically dependent. There’s hardly a single business that doesn’t rely on computers for some aspect of their day to day operations. Especially during the...

Hard Drive Destruction During Covid-19

Shred Nations offers the most effective hard drive destruction and hard disk shredding services currently available. We make sure that our electronics disposal partners meet or exceed the highest industry standards for security. Whether you’re interested in onsite hard drive destruction services or offsite, Shred Nations has solutions to meet...
MOSCOW, Russia - September 25, 2019: A working server. Internet wires and flashing lights on the server.

How Does IT Asset Disposition Work?

With the world continually evolving in technology, businesses and individuals update their technology to have more efficient equipment. However, the question now becomes what to do with the old equipment. IT asset disposition helps to dispose of old, unwanted equipment. It’s important to get rid of old equipment properly...