One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is holding on to records and business documents that they are no longer required to retain. Older documents- especially documents that provide critical information- can expose your company to legal liabilities, and increases the chance that documents with sensitive information are accidentally thrown away.

We dedicated this section to explain the advantages and necessity for including a document retention schedule in your document management plan. Learn more about what to save, what to shred, and why maintaining a document retention schedule is critical for your business.

Records Management System

Managing Records Retention: What You Should Know

Documents and records are the lifeblood of many businesses. Some businesses have more documents than others but they all rely on documents every day to record events. Some industries use more paper documents than electronic documents, and in other industries it is vice versa. Organizations have to keep up...

Printable Version for Record Retention

Looking for a cheat sheet for how long to store records? We have you covered. Here is what the average person needs to know in one sheet. Always check with your lawyer and CPA to make sure you don’t need to follow any laws unique to your situation.