Fun Ways to Use Shredded Paper


Making sure that your secure documents are destroyed is extremely important.  What should you do with your shredded paper though?  Although there is always the option to recycle everything, can’t that paper be used to do something fun??  Here are a few ideas that will help you put that shredded paperwork into something creative as opposed to just getting rid of it!

  • Paper Mache – If you have children, or you yourself like to do crafts at home, shredded paper is a perfect way to make some pretty awesome paper mache projects!
  • Compost – Mixing shredded paper into your compost is actually a really great idea!  One type of paperwork that you don’t want to mix into your compost would be glossy papers such as magazines though.
  • Confetti – If you like to put confetti paper into presents or cards instead of using tissue paper, your shredded paperwork would be perfect!  Just add a little bit of dye and you have decorative confetti for anything you like!
  • Seed Starters – If you put seeds into ball of shredded paper and plant them, the paper keeps the seed watered.  This is great because it ensures that the plant will start growing quickly!

Just because you have to destroy your records, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with the paperwork after they are destroyed.  If you can use this paperwork to create something and have fun, why wouldn’t you??