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A graduate of the University of Denver, Lauren started as an Intern with Shred Nations and became a Digital Marketing Specialist to support content and SEO efforts. Shred Nations connects people and businesses in need of secure shredding solutions to reputable local providers.

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Is It Safe to Throw Away Old Pill Bottles?

Mar 05, 2019  |  by Over 70% of Americans use prescription medications. With hundreds of prescriptions ordered every day, pill bottles—full or empty—require safe handling to prevent the leak of sensitive PHI. The label on pill bottles contains several pieces of private PHI such as a patient’s name, address, an RX number, how often the medication is taken, the drug’s […]

Pill Bottle Shredding: What to Do With Old Bottles

Feb 22, 2019  |  by With over 70% of Americans using prescription medications, the amount of pill bottles used each day in the US is staggering. To efficiently manage the private information contained on prescription medication packaging, you must streamline safe disposal processes. Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out the best and safest way to […]

Comparing Top Small-Quantity Shredding Options

Feb 08, 2019  |  by If you have a small quantity of documents to shred you have some options. Drop your papers off at nearby drop off shredding center and pay by the pound, have a mobile shred truck stop by your location, or shred your documents yourself. Each shredding method has its own pros and cons. The video and […]

The Best of Shred Nations 2018: Top 15 Blogs

Feb 01, 2019  |  by Throughout 2018 security initiatives (and failures) continued to make headlines. With Facebook bearing much of the brunt in the press, there has been a shift in how we expect companies to handle the sensitive and personal data they accumulate. With companies increasingly coming under the spotlight and being held responsible for reckless data management, more […]

How to Destroy Old Cell Phones and Why It’s Important

Jan 17, 2019  |  by We spend several hours every single day on our phones. Much of our lives are documented, recorded, and kept accessible to us on our phones. While the power of having everything you need readily available at your fingertips at anytime is convenient and efficient, if lost or stolen, cell phones quickly compromise our personal security. […]

Is Using a Strip-Cut Shredder Actually Cheaper?

Jan 09, 2019  |  by When shredding your private documents, it’s imperative that you choose the proper method for your needs. The two main shredding methods widely known to consumers are strip-cut and cross-cut shredding (which create different shred sizes according to their name). A large factor in any decision is cost, and when choosing how to shred your documents […]

No Time to Schedule Shredding? Drop It Off Instead

Jan 03, 2019  |  by Drop off shredding is for more than small volume shredding jobs. If you need your shredding completed same-day or if you are looking for you want to quickly drop off your files at one of many convenient locations, drop off shredding is your solution. Watch the video or read the transcript below to get a […]

Drop Off Shredding: Your Solution When There’s No Time to Schedule

Dec 27, 2018  |  by Why Use a Drop Off Shredding Service? Drop off shredding centers allow individuals to drop off documents that require shredding and pay for secure destruction services based on weight. Drop off shredding services are usually intended for smaller shredding jobs consisting of less than 100 pounds of paper. But in addition to being an effective […]

What is Pierce and Tear Shredding: And What Are the Benefits?

Dec 19, 2018  |  by If you shred your old documents you are using one of several methods. Between strip cut, cross cut, pierce and tear methods, and more, it can get confusing to know which method is right for you. This article goes in depth on the pierce and tear method of document shredding and its benefits. Watch the […]

What Type of Shredder Does Mobile Shredding Use?

Dec 18, 2018  |  by Mobile shred trucks are designed for optimal security and convenience. They drive to your location where a professional shredder hauls your documents from your office to the industrial shredder in the back of the truck. You get to watch the shredding process and the shreds are driven away to be recycled by the service provider. […]