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Ashley E. Stein is a Marketing Manager at Sales Star Networks with 5+ years of experience in public relations, marketing, and communications. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree from Central Michigan University. Formally a Michigander, she is enjoying life as a newly relocated Coloradan.

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Paper Shredding: Eco-Friendly Best Practices

Dec 05, 2016  |  by During the last decade, more and more companies have begun implementing eco-friendly best practices in their business, and there are plenty of reasons why. Reasons for Implementing Eco-Friendly Best Practices According to the Small Business Chronicle, a number of reasons exist for turning towards an eco-friendly office space. These include: Increase in Customers: Companies who […]

What Happens to Paper After It’s Shredded?

Oct 07, 2016  |  by You’ve scheduled your routine shredding service. Your documents are picked up or delivered to the shredder, and you witness your personal files becoming bits of paper. But what happens from there? If you’ve been shredding your documents at home, chances are you’ve been told time and again your paper shreds cannot be recycled. Or, you’ve […]

Why Wait for a Community Shredding Event?

Sep 16, 2016  |  by In an effort to promote sustainability and green neighborhoods, cities, townships, and counties around the nation are instating a community shredding event—one day of the year or season reserved for dropping off documents in your household to be shredded. Within the last month,  Hunterdon County, Wellington Township, Spencer County, and several others have invested in […]