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Alyssa Snyder graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in the Spring of 2014, where she earned her BA in English while focusing on Technical Writing and Communications.

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Shredding Documents at Home

Sep 07, 2016  |  by   Believe it or not, the seemingly endless amount of junk mail that you receive at home contains a world of information that identity thieves can easily get their hands on. With just your name and address, fraudsters can find ways to obtain other confidential data—such as your bank account information and social security number—that […]

Protect Your Company from Electronic Threats

Aug 25, 2016  |  by A single data breach can affect millions of people at once and cost your business millions of dollars. Yahoo’s data breach in 2016 that affected 500 million customers cost the company $350 million because Verizon was no longer willing to pay full price to buy Yahoo after the breach. These costs can quickly add up, […]

Is the Threat of Identity Theft Increasing?

 |  by Every year, the threat of identity theft continues to grow. With advancements in technology come undiscovered vulnerabilities that allow fraudsters to get their hands on your personal information and new theft tactics are employed as they are created. Unfortunately, identity thieves can use as little information as your full name and home address to start […]

Shredding Pill Bottles and Pharmaceutical Waste

Apr 29, 2016  |  by An individual’s health file contains more information about that person than anyone else should be able to see. If the wrong person were to get their hands on such private information, they would easily be able to take advantage.To help prevent this possibility from becoming a reality, there are laws and regulations in place such […]

Do You Need Mobile Shredding at Your Residence?

Apr 19, 2016  |  by Considering the amount of confidential information you receive and store at your home, it is necessary to have a method for its proper disposal. Neglecting to keep your private data protected could result in detrimental consequences for your identity—which in turn could affect your future. So, when it comes to finding a shredding service for all […]

How Long to Keep Your Records For

Apr 13, 2016  |  by Considering the amount of paperwork individuals receive in their lifetime, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to manage so much information. Do you need to keep every piece of data that you receive? What can you simply throw away, and which documents should be properly destroyed before their disposal? A document […]