Shredding Laws, Compliance, and SecurityOne of the major factors for how or when you shred the documents in your office are the laws that affect your company or your industry, and the security protocols you have set in place.

Understanding all the different types of risks and how the different laws in the United States can affect the way you should retain and shred documents is critical in case your company is involved in a a lawsuit or if you’re audited.

Learn more about document destruction laws, compliance, and security measures you can employ to ensure your company doesn’t experience a data breach.

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A History of Document Destruction Laws

The concept of protecting the privacy or ordinary citizens did not gain prominence in the United States until the beginning of the information age.  The problem came from the rise of identity theft.  Leadership in privacy issues came from the U.S. Congress with the acts included in this article.

Government Compliance for Data Destruction

Within the past few decades, state and federal laws have changed the data destruction landscape.  The guidelines set in place have made the disposal of all materials more secure and reliable for everyone.

Paper Shredders are a Security Risk

Business owners relying on their employees to shred everything with sensitive information better get a good haircut. It is only a matter of time before they make their television debut.

Paper Shredding Security Levels

This article will help you evaluate what type of shredding you require for your business- keep in mind that a mobile shredding service or offsite shredding service will shred your documents and co-mingle them with other businesses, making it even more difficult for your information to be compromised.

Prevent Low Tech Hacking

It is time to evaluate your defenses for a low-tech hacker.  Look around your office; do you keep sensitive information sitting on your desk overnight?  Are all of your file cabinets kept locked?  How about your documents waiting to be shredded?  Are they in a recycle bin or worse, put in the trash?  Most offices throw a treasure trove of information out every night.

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