How to Hit the Pitch Out of the Park

perfect pitchImagine a manager of a baseball team walking on the beach and finds a bottle with a genie. His wish: that his batters got a whole month of “perfect pitches.” Granted. On Day One batting averages soar, then batting averages start inching further upward with each “at bat.” By the end of the month even his worst batter is batting .800 and his best batters are approaching perfection. Just as he’s about to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, he wakes up.

The Difference Between Shredding & Baseball

The difference between the baseball manager story and the manager of sales for a shredding company, is that for the sales manager, the story can be real. Shred Nations serves up hundreds of “perfect pitches” every day and to make closing sales percentage soar, all you have to do is join the Shred Nations network.

For the sales manager the perfect pitch is a sales-ready referral. A sales-ready referral represents a new customer very close to the point where a prospect becomes a customer. This new customer has made a decision to buy a shredding service and as luck would have it, it’s in the exact service area served by the sales manager’s company.

The customer is a ready buyer.  Sitting right before the salesperson, is all the contact information he needs along with a description of the buyer’s shredding needs. All that remains is hustling to the batter’s box and hitting it out of the park.

To enter your sales force into the record books, sign up with Shred Nations today.