Shrednations_iconShred Nations is a company that is always striving to provide better service to our partners in the field. With semi-annual surveys, e-mail and many phone calls we want to understand the members of our network and their customers as best we can to provide superior product and service.

In that vein we got to thinking about how we could streamline the process of getting our referrals into the capable hands of our network.

We started asking questions like:

  • If I am in a truck what would be the easiest way for me to receive referrals?
  • How would I want to learn that I had a new referral?
  • Once I had the referral what would I want to do with it?
  • How can we make it easy to get in contact with a potential customer?
  • Where can we be connected to our customers at all time no matter the weather or circumstance?
  • How can we provide a service that is faster than anyone on the market?





We came to the conclusion that we could answer all of these questions with one single idea, a shredding
app. Our shredding app has been a labor of love since October of 2014. With just an idea and no knowledge about mobile apps we set out on a journey.

Here is what the shredding app has to offer:

  • Get notifications when a new referral comes in
  • Access to all customer information that we collect
    • Name
    • Company
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Zip
    • Service Requested
    • Description
    • Notes
  • File Referrals
    • New
    • Sold
    • Closed
    • Follow-Up
  • Touch screen to call or email
  • View a full list of referrals

The shredding app is free for all members of our network with either Android or Apple devices. Click the appropriate button on the right hand side of this page to download the version of the app that was build for your device.

Have ideas on how we can improve the app? Send your ideas with the subject line “App Idea” to

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