Education: B.S Economics 1966, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton Undergraduate)
MBA, Finance 1967, State University of New York, Buffalo

Early Career: Sears (age 16-21), Ford Motor Co (age 22-24), Keene Corporation (age 24-30), and Friedman & Son (age 31-32).  Held positions with progressively more responsibility ranging from sales person, department manager, cost analysis supervisor, budget director, controller, vice president finance and general manager.  During this time Mr. Powelson developed financial analysis skills, communication and management skills, and an ability to work as part of a team.  These skills plus a positive attitude enabled him to produce outstanding results wherever he worked.

Entrepreneur:  (age 32-68).

Founder, and CEO, TRI-R Recycling 1977.  The company pioneered one stop recycling and became a leading multi-commodity recycling company in Colorado, processing in excess of 250,000 tons of material annually.   TRI-R evolved into one of the most effectively managed and profitable recycling businesses in the United States, employing over 200 people.  After 29 years of industry changes, economic downturns, and even a bankruptcy, the company became a company unlike any other.  TRI-R Recycling was sold to Waste Management in 2005.

Shredding confidential records started as a sideline business within TRI-R Recycling in 1980.  As shredding evolved to become a security business, we did business as DataGuard USA starting in 1994 and later as TRI-R Shredding.   The shredding company was an early NAID member and early to earn AAA NAID certification.   With 15 trucks, a shredder that operated at 20 tons per hour, approximately 25 employees, and stellar profitability the shredding company was an early acquisition of Cintas as they entered the shredding industry in 2005.

Mr. Powelson was also involved in the development of Shred Nations, Sales Star Networks, Records Nations and Power World.

Mr. Powelson co-authored The Recycler’s Manual (Van Nostrand Reinhold) which has been described as the authority on the subject of recycling.”

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