what happens after documents are shredded

If you’re interested in document scanning, you’re probably also interested in security and making sure your records are handled properly. But because records scanning requires that some else handles your records, you’ve probably wondered: what happens to my records after they’ve been scanned?

Fortunately, the answer is simple: after scanning, your records are securely shredded by the scanning provider.

The Scanning & Shredding Process

  1. Like with many shredding services, the scanning process starts with the collection of the documents you need scanned.
  2. The scanning provider will then pick up your documents and scan them, the digital versions to be delivered to you once the process is complete.
  3. Next, the scanning provider will handle secure shredding of your records. This is done with a shredder in the same facility as the scanner, or with an off site shredding partner. Either way, the process is the same as if you contracted with an off-site shredding service.
  4. Finally, you will be presented with a certificate of destruction detailing the when, where, and how of the shredding.

The Benefits of Combining Shredding & Scanning

When you combine shredding and scanning services, there are several benefits that you can’t get by using each service separately.

It’s More Efficient

save time with mobile and off site shreddingFor one, having your documents shredded immediately following scanning is much simpler and far more efficient than the alternative.

The shredding provider will already have your documents and you won’t need to keep track of them beyond the initial collection.

You also won’t need to worry about finding another provider to handle your shredding because it’s all done in one place.

Certificate of Destruction

The certificate of destruction provides an added layer of security. These certificates are legal documents that can be used to demonstrate compliance with secure records destruction laws, if necessary. But they are also proof that your records were kept secret and destroyed properly.

It Can Save on Costs

Finally, depending on how many documents you have to scan, you can realize the cost benefits of scanning through all the space saved by no longer keeping your paper records around.

Want to Take Advantage of Combined Scanning & Shredding?

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