More and more businesses today are scanning documents and going digital, but doing so raises a new question—what are you options for disposing old paper copies?

It’s most common to shred documents either by yourself or through a shredding service before you dispose them, but with scanning services instead of having to do it yourself or find a shredder, scanning providers can handle the shredding for your old documents.

To learn more about the benefits of combining scanning and shredding, watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Top Reasons Why Companies use Scanning


benefits of scanning plus shredding

Employees spending 10-15 minutes per day finding and refiling paper records may seem small, but multiply that by the number of employees and over the course of a year, and the cost of that wasted time can quickly stack up.


Office real estate is a valuable commodity, and naturally everyone is looking for the best bang for their buck.

By scanning records and going digital, old space used for storage can be used for better purposes.


Considering the recent increases in data theft and breaches, digital document management systems (DMS) can provide extra securities like file encryption and tiered access controls.


When it comes to legal compliance and document management, laws like HIPAA and FACTA have specific requirements like retention tracking that digital document management systems can help to simplify.

The Scan & Shred Process

Using a scanning provider to make the digital transition ends on a secure note, as they can also handle shredding for you as well.

While it’s a benefit that’s often overlooked, most scanning facilities either have an industrial shredder or partner with a shredding provider, meaning after your documents are scanned, the provider can take care of the shredding for you as well.

  1. You collect the records you need scanned.
  2. Records are taken to an off site scanning facility
  3. Records are scanned and OCR & redaction software is applied
  4. New digital files are implemented and indexed in a DMS
  5. Old paper copies are shredded—many facilities have industrial shredders on site

The Benefits of Shredding Plus Scanning


Besides the convenience of digital documents versus papers, scanning also streamlines taking security steps like shredding since providers already have an on-site industrial shredder.

Cost Efficiency

security of scanning plus shreddingScanning removes multiple costs like storage space, time, and basic resources like paper.

By having a scanning provider shred your files as well, you’ll also save on other costs like the time to shred or the space to store scanned paper.

Safety & Security

Scanning opens the door to extra security like encryption and access controls. Besides those digital securities though, having scanning providers shred files as soon as they’re scanned will also drastically reduce chances for data theft.

What’s Your Plan for Shredding What You Scan?

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