Ink Roller Stamp Security

There are a variety of methods when it comes to protecting private business and personal information.

Document shredding is a tested, secure means of destroying sensitive information, but what about ink roller stamps?

What Are Ink Roller Stamps?

Ink roller stamps are exactly what you would expect them to be: roller stamps that press ink on top of a physical page.

You can use one to quickly roll over small bits of private information (think personal info on junk mail, prescription bottles, bills, receipts, etc).

This type of stamp saves time if you don’t have a personal document shredder and don’t want to spend time inking over your information with a permanent marker.

Are Ink Roller Stamps Secure?Are Ink Roller Stamps Secure?

Ink roller stamps, when used properly, are secure. These stamps come in hatched patterns or random letter patterns that not only cover your info but obscure lines and scramble letters making any info that might be partially visible impossible to decipher.

For an ink roller stamp to ensure security, the user must roll ink thoroughly over their information, and be sure to use a sufficient amount of the right type of ink.

Can an Ink Roller Stamp be Removed?

Depending on the type of ink used, there are methods that can remove ink from a page of paper. From home remedies ranging from lemon juice or nail polish remover, to simply rubbing hard with an eraser or using a straight edge to scrape ink off, there are ways that ink roller protection can be breached.

It’s also important to note that ink takes 24 hours to dry, so depending on when a thief gets his hands on an item that has been rolled over with ink, it might be quite easy to remove.

Is Document Shredding More Secure Than an Ink Roller Stamp?

Shredding your files is a fool-proof way to ensure the safety of your private information. Cross-cut shredders produce paper to shreds roughly the size of confetti that simply cannot be put back together—especially if multiple documents are shredded at once, or the shreds are divided in placed in separate trash bins.

Ink rolling may be more secure than simply leaving your information out in the open, and it would take a determined thief to go through the trouble of attempting to the remove ink, but document shredding is always a safe bet, and leaves no room for error where ink rolling does.

Shred Confidential InfoInk Roller Stamp vs. Document Shredding

If you are deciding whether to shred your files or use an ink roller stamp, you should determine what type of information you have to protect.

If you are an individual that doesn’t mind spending a few minutes every day manually stamping out your information on mail, pill bottles, and other items, and ink roller will work for you.

There are also affordable, secure ways of shredding small volumes of paperwork. Personal shredders and drop off shredding services exist to help individuals keep their private information safe, but you cannot shred pill bottles and other large, plastic items that might contain private information.

It’s also important to keep in mind that ink rollers don’t scale well. The more information you have to protect, the more time it will take to use an ink roller. Document shredding services, on the other hand, can quickly shred hundreds of thousands of documents.

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