Are Ink Roller Stamps Secure?

Choosing the correct method of information protection for your company is a big task.

This video and accompanying transcript go over the difference between using document shredding and ink roller stamps to protect your sensitive information.

Find out which option saves time, is more secure, and is most cost effective below.

Video Transcript

What are Roller Stamps?

ID theft protection roller stamps are used to try and speed up blacking out sensitive information.

Still done by hand and page-by-page, the inked roller covers the text so that it can be thrown away without leaving information exposed.

Roller Stamps Aren’t Foolproof

While roller stamps are handy, when security is at stake they can’t be relied on to cover all the potential safety gaps.

Among others, the primary security factor to consider is the type of ink used by the roller stamps.

Ink Types

Ink is not secure, You Can Erase It

Laser printer toner is different from ink in that it’s fused and bonded to the paper itself.

Many roller can’t cover glossy paper, and with oil based ink for example, it can be removed with the careful use of solvents while the laser paint will remain.

Because of the ability for security steps you take to be undone, relying on roller stamps alone can actually end up being a security risk.

Stamping vs. Shredding

When comparing, think about why you would want to blackout information but keep the paper intact when throwing it away.

For the industrious thief your “protective” ink can potentially be removed, while on the other hand a cross-cut shredder will render the documents permanently useless to thieves.

Is Redaction Involved?

Going back to the question of why keep some information and black out the rest, typically it’s only various government agencies who use redaction.

Redacted Text

It’s unlikely redaction makes the average business more productive, instead it’s more likely that necessary documents are kept in full and ones that aren’t are destroyed completely.

Also, when redaction is needed a roller stamp might be one way to hide information, but today electronic redaction is now the most common and by far more efficient option.

Time Is Money

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, and after multiplying by the number of employees and the time spent stamping each and every page, the amount of time wasted quickly adds up.

By contrast, using shredding and locked bins up to 300 lbs of paper can be destroyed by mobile shred trucks in minutes—without wasting any of yours.

Most for Your Money

A single stamper might inexpensive, but the percentage of hourly wages devoted to using stampers is a much larger cost to account for.

With mobile shredding, $100 can get up to 300 lbs of sensitive information destroyed in a single visit.

Besides cost-efficiency, shredding services provide locking shred bins to store paper before shredding to avoid you having to blackout information.

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