World Famous Shredders

When we talk about world famous shredders, we aren’t talking paper shredders…  You might want to put on your gnarly boots because today, we’re looking at people who get shredded on the regular!

  • When it comes to laying down some killer riffs, one of the all time top guitar shredders would have to be Paul Gilbert… He’s almost too good..                         
  • You wanna talk about shreddin’ some pow pow?  Travis Rice is one of the best snowboarders in the world and he can shred a mountainside better than most people can walk across the street.Travis-Rice-blank-snowboards-600x332
  • What about getting shredded?  Being a body builder can be rough and there is some pretty stiff competition.  One of the all time greatest body builders has got to be Flex Wheeler.  Talk about getting shredded…wheeler04