Shred Nations Expands to Canada

Shred Nations announced the expansion of their service area for paper shredding to include all of Canada. Shred Nations currently offers service across the United States and its territories.

What We Do

Shred Nations is the premier Internet destination for businesses looking to destroy documents. The businesses are matched to local shredding contractors. The paper can be shredded at the business location with a mobile truck or taken to a shredding plant for destruction. All of the shredded paper is recycled into new paper or tissue.

This expansion is the result of demand for shredding from Canadian visitors to the Shred Nations website, “The privacy concerns in Canada are identical to those in the United States,” says Steven Hastert, General Manager of Shred Nations. “Business are entrusted with a great deal of personal information and they are required by law to properly dispose of it.”

Advantages of Using a Shredding Service

Businesses outsource their shredding to increase security and reduce costs. “We don’t just use a bigger shredder. It is a much, much bigger shredder. These shredders can eat through 20,000 pounds an hour,” elaborates Hastert. He says it is their ability to shred faster that reduces the cost of a shredding service compared to in-house shredding.

Shred Nations has been offering shredding service since 1984. It currently manages a network of over 500 shredding locations across North America. Shred Nations is a division of Sales Star Networks.

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