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Paper Shredding Service

Man Shredding

If you are required to witness the shredding of your documents then on-site or mobile shredding is the service for you. We have industrial shredders mounted in trucks that come to you.

Another secure option is to use plant shredding. We pick up your shredding in locked bins and take it to our secure facility. For larger jobs this can save you a great deal of money with the same security.

Whichever is the right solution for you, Shred Nations has over 500 locations across the country. We are ready to serve one location or one thousand. Simply fill out the short quote request to get up to four quotes in a few hours.

How a shredding service works:

  1. We deliver locked bins to your location.
  2. You fill the bins with everything to be shredded.
  3. We shred everything in the bins.
  4. You get a certificate of destruction for FACTA and HIPAA compliance.
  5. The paper shreds are recycled.